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Swing 46 Jazz & Supper Club will be featuring a BENEFIT TELETHON on SUNDAY MARCH 14th to help continue raising funds on the GOFUNDME page. Please tune in to our FACEBOOK PAGE or YOUTUBE CHANNEL starting at NOON (EST) for 12 spectacular hours of ENTERTAINMENT!


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Fans of SWING 46, We aired our first LIVESTREAM FUNDRAISER from SWING 46 on SAT FEB 13th. There were multiple endorsements, heartfelt performances and lots of talent. See the Show on this youtube channel.


Despite the technical glitches, from the late start to the sound & screen problems, this LIVESTREAM brought in over $5,000 as revealed on our GOFUNDME page that was feeding through one of our TV monitors during this ON AIR production. That is great news. There is more to be gained, so we are not finished.

This LIVESTREAM FUNDRAISER was our very first with this production team and it took weeks of preparations, from building our steaming system to editing content, to working out technical issues. When it came time to broadcast, some of us were still editing pieces and working out technical problems so our apologies if all did not look or sound ready for release.

But we’ve learned immensely from this and the good news is that our future productions will be cleaner, smoother and ready for Prime Time. We are currently soliciting celebrity endorsements and press coverage. 

Keith Richards dances at jazz club | PAGE SIX

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Perhaps the last place you’d expect to see Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards dancing would be at a jazz and swing club.

But he was at Swing 46 in Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday night, dancing to the band Swingadelic.

Witnesses said the reformed hell raiser was spotted at a back table with a group of friends, before getting on the dance floor and “swaying his hips.”

He even happily posed for pictures with fans on the way out.

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The global pandemic has taken its toll on the great music venues of NYC, including the world renowned SWING 46 Jazz and Supper Club. This Big Band venue headquartered in Times Square on historic Restaurant Row was established in 1997 and continues a 40 year legacy that began with The Silver Lining and Red Blazer. 

SWING 46 has entertained audiences from around the world with the best in swing orchestras, nightly music, dancing, classy cocktails and fine dining. Keeping the spirit of the 1940s vintage supper club alive in modern times, Swing 46 provided live music every night for 23 years (1997-2020).  Over the years, Jazz fans from around the world have patronized the nostalgic club, legendary swing dancers such as Frankie Manning, Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton graced our dance floor for years, and revered tap dancers including Buster Brown, Gregory Hines, Maurice Hines and Savion Glover hosted the longest running weekly “Tap Jam” at this beloved venue.  In addition to providing a home to the New York City Swing Dance Community and world renowned artists, Swing 46 became a beloved tourist destination, welcoming jazz fans, musicians, and dancers from around the world.


If funding does not become available to help this beloved club pay ongoing bills like rent, utilities, payroll to staff, and to purchase necessities like heat lamps and protective structures for outdoor dining, etc., it will not be able to continue to operate.  Swing 46 will be forced to close its doors permanently and NYC will lose another precious live music venue.
We are determined to keep our beloved Swing 46 open and functioning. Please join the fans of Swing 46 in supporting this fantastic, joy-filled live music venue, in the heart of New York City’s Times Square on Restaurant Row. The owner, staff and musicians of Swing 46 Jazz and Supper Club appreciate your generous support.

Valentine’s Day Special Offer

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We’re taking reservations for Valentine’s Day 2021 at Swing 46. Although we don’t know all that will be permitted at this time, we are indeed moving forward and planning a fabulous event! CLICK HERE to RESERVE YOUR SPOT

We’re celebrating Halloween all weekend long

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Come on by this weekend from Friday – Sunday as we celebrate Halloween. Wear your favorite costume and masks and enjoy some great music & food!

New Year’s Eve at Swing 46

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We’re taking reservations for New Year’s Eve at Swing 46. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SPACE. Although we don’t know all that will be permitted at this time, we are indeed planning a fabulous event!


Nick Palumbo & the Plandemics | Schedule Update

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Last Sunday Nick Palumbo & The Plandemics returned for a fantastic afternoon of Jump Blues, Swing, And roots Rock n’ Roll. Diners were treated to their set list and unique collection of uplifting, foot stompin’ action.

They are scheduled to return again on SUNDAY OCT 25th! Don’t miss them!

Note: These nights are subject to change due to weather. Please see the calendar for the most up to date information. Call to confirm hours.

Keep on Swingin’

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Timatha here is rocking out some Disco and R&B with her TKO PARTY BAND for the guests this past Saturday Night here at Swing 46. The special guest vocalist was Seyduray. You don’t won’t to miss this.

Timatha & The TKO PARTY BAND

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Timatha here is rocking out some Disco and R&B for the guests on most Saturday Nights here at Swing 46. You don’t won’t to miss this.